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Plumbing Services


July 22, 2016

By Blair

Awesome end of another week.

We want to share some energy saving tips that can save you money.

  • Choose an energy star certified natural gas model water heater.
  • Don't buy a water heater bigger than you need.
  • Check with your local water utility company to see if they have rebates on water heaters.
  • Wash full loads or adjust the water lever to fit the size of your load.
  • Dry full loads but don't overload they dryer.
  • Separate lightweight and heavy clothes for more energy-efficient drying.
  • Dry two or more loads in a row to take advantage of the heat still in the dryer.
  • Clean the lint filter before drying each load.
  • Periodically remove any build up of lint and dust from the dryer exhaust, the back of the dryer and behind the lint screen.

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