Reason for the Replacement of Your Electric Water Heater

By Greg Fraser


Just like any other appliance, your water heater system might slow a few years down the line, and ignoring the warning signs will not only make you suffer with your hot water requirement but also splurge money on energy bills. Water heater replacement on time will make good sense.

Let’s delve into some signs that help you know whether your water heater needs replacement:

Weak performance

Regardless of the maintenance, every home appliance loses its efficiency over time similarly, as your water heater gets older, it doesn't deliver the same performance as it used to do in the early days.

Water heaters can last up to 10 to 12 years, so replacing them will be better than investing money in an expensive repair job. A new water heater can heat water quickly, saving you time and utility bills.

Less hot water

How often do you run out of hot water while taking a bath? Do you feel your water is not as hot as it used to be? Most of the time, you avoid the issue, thinking that it's a temporary problem.

However, there can be some issues with the heating element or thermostat as they might not be working well, so better to replace your water heater on time.


With time, your water might start getting noisy. During the heating process, you might hear a series of noises, and this might be due to sediment that settles at the bottom of the system after a few years.

Settling of sediments can wear your water heater system, leading to more time and energy in heating water, which makes the system more brittle and vulnerable to cracks. So replacing your water heater will be a sensible decision.


Leaks start happening as your water gets older. You might see water on the floor where your tank is placed, then it's a sign of leakage, which can do further damage.

During each heating cycle, there is an expansion of metal and a contraction of metal. This situation can lead to fracture, which creates a small gap leading to the water leak. So it is best to change your water heater.

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