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Top Three Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

By Blair

Why is my water bill so high?

There are many reasons why your water bill is high, the number one reason is a leak. Not all leaks are visible and a yearly inspection by a licensed plumber can detect the leak(s) and save you money. Call us today (323) 931-9262 so we can save you money.

Why is my water pressure low?

Low water pressure can be caused many things. Something as simple as a blocked faucet or closed shut-off valve can cause low water pressure. Call your local plumber (323) 931-9262 to detect if something more serious like a water leak is the reason for low water pressure.

Why is there rust in my water?

Iron pipes tend to rust over time and form a sediment. If the sediment is disturbed it may end up in the water stream and show up when the water is running. In order to determine if the rust is coming from your home or the main line, call your certified technician (323) 931-9262 today.

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