When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services in Los Angeles?

By Greg Fraser


Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home, and when problems arise, they can't always wait until regular business hours. Knowing when to call for emergency plumbing services in Los Angeles is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and comfort of your household.

Here are some situations when it's time to pick up the phone and contact a local licensed plumber Los Angeles.

Burst Pipes:

A burst pipe is a plumbing problem that needs to be handled right away. It can lead to extensive water damage and mold growth if not addressed promptly.

Sewage Backups:

In addition to being unpleasant, sewage backups are dangerous to your health. If you notice sewage coming up through drains or toilets, it's an emergency that requires professional assistance.

No Hot Water:

Losing access to hot water can disrupt your daily routine. If your water heater fails unexpectedly, especially during cold months, it's time to call a plumber.

Leaking Gas:

If you suspect a gas leak, it's vital to act swiftly to prevent the risk of fire or explosion. Evacuate your home immediately and call both your gas company and a licensed plumber.

Clogged Drains:

While some clogs can be resolved with DIY methods, severe blockages in your main sewer line can cause sewage backups. If plunging and drain cleaners don't work, it's time to call a professional.

Therefore, recognizing the signs and situations that warrant emergency plumber Los Angeles is essential to safeguard your home and family from potential disasters. So, for Los Angeles residents seeking a reliable and local licensed plumber, look no further than Fraser's Plumbing Co. Our experienced team is dedicated to addressing all your commercial and residential plumbing needs promptly and professionally. When plumbing emergencies strike, remember our number: 323-931-9262.