Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems
By Greg Fraser


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It is common for every homeowner to avoid sewage lines until they experience any issue in their daily activities. A sewage backup in your house not only damages your home but also puts your family's health at risk. However, you can deal with the sewer line problem by identifying a few common causes.

Here are some common causes of sewer backups:

Tree Roots

Although trees add beauty to your property, they can prove dangerous to your sewage system. When the trees grow further, they pierced your sewer line and create problems.

As the roots of trees go deeper, they can pinch or bust the drainage system, creating a situation that might ask you to take professional help to repair or replace your sewage pipes.


Nothing lasts forever. Not even your sewer pipes. As every material comes with a certain age, and over time, it can break down or damage due to corrosion or wear and tear.

So similarly, too old sewer pipes can be a problem, as they create blockages, cracks, or leaks. Your property faces a lot of issues as these pipes get older.

Excess rainfall

Rains bring happiness and pleasant feelings, but excess of it can cause trouble in your home as it burdens your sewage system with waste water. Too much rain can create a flood-like situation, causing sewage backup in your home.

Overflow of water can saturate the underground system, causing sewage levels to rise, which enters your household and exposes your family members to harmful germs and bacteria.


What seems like a simple and easy remedy can turn into an unpleasant experience later. Putting grease while pouring hot water to clean sinks can clog your pipes.

Most of you think that it flushes out of your lines, but this is not true. As grease goes down your pipes, it becomes hard after a while and clogs the pipes. This grease clogging can damage your pipes.

Damaged pipes

Damaged pipes are another reason behind sewage backup. A cracked or broken pipe will not drain water or waste properly, creating blockage or sewage backup.

Factors like earthquakes, wrong installation, or overgrown trees can crack or damage your pipes, leading to the collapse of your sewage line. Getting your system inspected regularly by a professional is crucial to get your sewage system repaired or replaced before time.

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