When to consider replacement of a gas water heater?

By Greg Fraser

Just like other home appliances, your gas water heater makes your life comfortable by providing hot water for different tasks. From washing, cleaning, and bathing to cooking, the demand for hot water is never-ending. However, Like every system, hot water can develop issues over time. So replacing it will be a better option before it intrudes on your peace of mind.

Let’s discuss common signs of gas water heater problems that may indicate the need for replacement:

Inadequate Hot Water Supply

Imagine you are taking a shower, and suddenly the hot water supply slows down or stops coming, it could be an alarming sign that something is wrong with the gas water heater. There might be an issue with the thermostat, the gas valve is faulty, or the burner might be creating trouble. Calling professional plumbers to fix the issue will make sense. In case repair of the heater does not solve the purpose, invest in a new gas water heater for a sufficient hot water supply.

Strange Smells:

Have you experienced a strange smell in the surrounding area? This might hint at a gas leak in your water heater. You should not take gas leaks lightly, as this can be dangerous and require prompt action.

If you smell or suspect gas leaks, leave your premises and call a gas fitter to check on your appliance and handle the situation. Gas leaks are very scary and pose a serious threat to both your family and property. In such a situation, replacing the gas water heater will make an ideal choice.

Unusual Noises

When you hear strange noises, such as rumbling or popping, coming from a gas water heater, it might indicate sediments build-up inside the tank. Over time sediments start settling within the tank, and if avoided for a long time, it can lead to inadequate heating or damage your system. Flushing a gas water heater to remove sediment can solve your purpose. However, if the problem persists, replace your gas water heater.


Every appliance comes with a certain time limit, and your gas water heater is no exception. Gas heaters have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years, and if your system is close to this time limit or has already exceeded and given you trouble, a replacement will be the right decision.

Older systems may experience multiple issues and can raise your energy bills. Installing a new water heater ensures an adequate water supply with improved energy efficacy, saving you time and money.

Consulting a professional and considering replacement can help maintain reliable hot water availability. Get in touch with Fraser’s Plumbing Co. to make your life easier.